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ویدئو معرفی سوناتا

Elegance, dynamism and beauty ... previous generation Sonata, the statue moved and the new model is the evolution of the statue. Dynamics 2.0. It is unique in its kind. It sets a new standard in the category with an average size sedan that will be. By understanding the car there was a design priority Sonata. To emphasize the power and elegance of this vehicle, the designers have shown Nmatr lines and shapes fill it. Thus showing the true beauty is on display in before my eyes. And it is nothing more than self-esteem. The engines are so harmoniously together to maintain the best relationship between them. The result is a sense of pleasure by watching this section, as with all other parts of the car to give you a hand. Reliability and intimacy, feeling that after sitting on the driver's seat to give you a hand. Stability and beauty to your landscape design dashboard induction.