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KIA After Sales Service

  • Regulations

    The Mohseniyan dealership is continuously expanding its services, and now with 365 days of support, is ready to serve Hyundai, Toyota, Kaymouth, Mitsubishi and Saipa customers all day long. Seasonal visits and services, customer technical guidance, troubleshooting, and all technical repairs of the car and painting and painting with the standards of the day, including special services, has been a selection of representative offices for our customers.
    Accept Dear Customers
    Customers' acceptance at the time of providing after-sales service is carefully planned so that customers achieve their goals with the least waste of time. To turn to customers through the website www.mohsenian.org online in order to do this in the shortest possible time. The Reception Center at the time of visiting the respectable customers will provide guidance on how to service, repair and even maintain the vehicle properly. Customers who come to us for their service or car repairs can wait in the waiting room with facilities such as high-speed Internet, audio and video facilities, hot and cold drinks, or check the repair process, up to the time. Getting ready to take their car.

  • Warranty
  • Part Sales

    Introducing parts and accessories
    The use of the main parts will increase the efficiency and life of the car, which will be announced as follows.
    It is important to protect the interests of customers and prevent the occurrence of harmful damage to them for a large number of agents, and on the other hand, customers are more concerned with the use of the main parts because of the lack of payment for additional costs of using counterfeit and non-quality parts. Give
    Also, all parts distributed by the representative body of the company have a standard and quality level approved by the automaker.
    In order to prevent any possible damage to the car, customers will only purchase the original parts from dealers and authorized dealers throughout the country at the same prices.
    When purchasing spare parts, customers should be careful about packaging, logo, and vehicle manufacturer's mark on spare parts, because installing unpolluted, non-quality and counterfeit parts in the market will bring in irreparable damage to the car.
    The advantage of using these components is to increase the useful life of the vehicle and reduce the amount of depreciation compared to the non-essential parts, which unfortunately are in large numbers, in various boxes and low prices. The most important factors of the main components of the quality control system are the parts production by the company Unfortunately, it is not used in the production of various components
    First false belief: the original piece is more expensive than non-original.
    The price of non-original parts may be cheaper than the original, but any pricing is unreasonable. This cheapness is due only to the fact that the non-mainframe manufacturer has to produce a market for his piece, producing that piece with non-quality raw materials and conditions that certainly do not comply with the standard, which means the non-life piece of life is less And it will have a weaker performance and the consumer may buy one or two more times than once.
    In order to obtain more customer satisfaction and increase the confidence level when purchasing a piece, customers can contact the order number 02191009030 to order secure parts immediately.

  • Online Booking

    Welcome to Mohseniyan's after sales service recruitment system! In this section, you can take a look at the repair shop you are looking for and when it's announced at the end of the process. First login to the online account then enter your details and automobile carefully and then confirm the information. The system generates a tracking code for you and sends it to you for SMS, which you must bring when you visit it.

    Online Booking
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