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Tucson TL

Tucson TL

The all-new Tuscan 2017 is a superb and incredibly powerful car that, as a compact, robust SUV, provides a real adventure in the city.

  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL
  • Tucson TL

Hyundai Tucson, one of the most popular chassis in the Iranian market. In the next full introduction of the 2017 version with the specifications and the price of this car will be.

Let's take a look at the statistics on the sale of different ChassisBlend and Crossover models in our country in order to further highlight the importance of the Hyundai Tucson. In 1394, 50,289 passenger cars entered our country, 57 percent of them all, including ChassisBlend cars. The important thing is that the number of 2850 Hyundai Tucson devices arrived in the country this year, accounting for 10% of the total chassis loaded to Iran.

The true name of this car is Toxin, a city in the Arizona Desert. Other products from Hyundai, such as Sonata and Azera, are also names of areas in the United States that are aimed at attracting customers in this country, based on the products of this Korean brand, and of course, it should be noted that many American designers have cooperated with this company so far. Have had.

The first Tucson model with the ix35 code was introduced in 2004 and won a major success for Hyundai by co-producing in Korea, India, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ukraine and Taiwan until 2009. The car in Iran also had a high profile and was able to attract people's confidence. In the second generation, Tucson evolved in appearance and inward. The predecessor's predecessor's design was dynamic and sophisticated in the 2010 model and the 2.7-liter supercharged 2.7-liter engine was replaced with a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine until this year, the third-generation Tucson entered the busy crowd of the Crossover.

The Tuscan version arrives in Iran with a 2-liter, natural breathing engine that has 164 horsepower and 205 nm of torque. This is while the previous generation with a 2.4-liter 182 horsepower engine was sold in our country. The new model, naturally, accelerating from zero to 100 km / h in 11.5 seconds, is slower than the previous one, but instead it has the best performance and with an average fuel consumption of 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers, it is about one liter lower.

Technical Details

Gear box type 6 Automatic Tuning Tracks
Engine volume(Litr) 2359 cc
Differential 2 differential
Cylinder 4
Number of valves 16
Horse horse 6000/174
Minimum engine torque 4000/227
length 4410 mm
Width 1820 mm
Height 1685 mm
Weight 1492 kg
Tire size 225/60R17
Maximum speed 185 km/h
Acceleration 10.0
Fuel 9.2
Tank capacity 55
Environmental standard Euro 4
Air bags Driver - occupant - side - curtain
Brakes ABS - EBD - ESP - ASR - TCS
the chair Electric - Heater
air conditioning Automatic control
window Electric
mirror Electric - Heater
lamp Automatic on and off - Front and rear fog
Other Rain Sensor - Park Sensor - Sanofruz - Cruise Control - Custom Panaroma

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