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Safety features for all cars

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Safety features for all cars


Options and facilities used in modern cars are always considered as a winner in the international automotive market, but these days, safety options have become more and more of a concern for car makers and are becoming more and more trusted among them. Growth. One of the features of the safety options is that it may become a standard between automakers after some time, and governments, based on developed technologies in countries, have come up with laws that require manufacturers in the car industry to use such options in their products Slowly Throughout the history of the automotive industry, such safety features and options that are becoming standardized are not low; hence, we intend to examine some of them in this article.

Safety belt

Today, every driver with a safety belt is familiar enough. This vehicle, which is a belt in cars, holds up the passenger's seat at the top of the car during a sudden stop. The technology, which was seen as an option in the cars until the late 50's, has become a standard in the car with the introduction of new European driving laws and car manufacturers have been obliged to use a safety belt in their products. The annual safety belts save more than 30,000 people around the world.

Airbag or airbag

Airbag or airbag technology has entered the automotive industry since 1980, and over time and with a good result on injuries and deaths of car occupants, it became a standard in the industry in 1998, and all car manufacturers are required to use at least two Airbags for car occupants. According to statistics, it can be said that airbags in urban accidents up to 20% and in urban accidents up to 50% reduce individual damage.

ABC Brakes

The ABS brakes system is actually a system that allows the car to brake without locking the wheels. The system was invented in 1978; it has been used by all the world's leading automakers since then. The use of ABS brakes in the automotive industry is not yet required in all countries, but in most European and North American countries, all newly-built vehicles that want to enter the streets should have ABS brakes.

Automatic braking system

The automatic braking system is the latest in safety options. Of course, this system is not yet required as a standard for automakers, but according to news released, the use of the automatic braking system will be mandatory in the EU member states by the beginning of 2019. The braking technology uses radar and motion sensors to scan the driver's position, and if the body or the person is in the front of the vehicle and the driver can not react in a timely manner, the braking technology automatically reduces The speed of the car and its stand. This technology is also used in comparative cruise control. It is worth mentioning that the system has managed to cope with more than 30% of crashes.

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